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The Department of Public Health and Community Medicine is distinguished by a strong faculty working with the mission to create a model for decentralized community health care delivery, to develop networking with other organizations, to initiate policy advocacy for health needs of the underprivileged section of the community, to conduct and promote research on priority health problems and to develop doctors with a service orientation towards underprivileged communities. The Department strives to provide the best learning opportunity to medical students through its innovative community-based medical education and health research focusing the Primary health care, determinants of health and disease, Research Methodology of basic and clinical sciences and the critical appraisal of medical literature.


Muhammad Abdullah Jalbani
Dr.Saed Akhtar
Dr Muhammad Yaqoob
Dr Ghulam Shabir
Dr.Muhammad Moazzam Ali Khan
Farhana Mustafa
Shakir Imran


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