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Department of Community Health Sciences is headed by Dr.Muhammad Saleem Channar will focus on the primary health care, determinants of health and disease, research methodology of basic and clinical sciences and the critical appraisal of medical literature. The subject also includes the identification of problems, followed by the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the appropriate course of action.

Behavioral Sciences

will run throughout the five years. The course highlights normal thought and behavioural patterns, psychosocial influences in health and disease, and the application of behavioural science principles towards effective medical practice.


Dr.Muhammad Saleem Channar
Dr.Rana Aamir Diwan
Dr.Saed Akhtar
Dr Muhammad Yaqoob
Dr Ghulam Shabir
Dr Naseem Noor Ilahi
Dr Munaza Batool
Miss Farhana Mustafa


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