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Department of Physiology is headed by Dr.Tehseen Iqbal. In Physiology, students will be taught about the general principles of functions of human body with special emphasis on clinical and practical applications. A comprehensive knowledge of the normal function of the human body is essential for a doctor. Physiology introduces to the students how the different cells, tissues and organs of the human body work together to maintain life. Lectures by senior, experienced faculty, tutorials, small group discussions with modern laboratory equipment will facilitate students in grasping the basic concepts.


Prof.Dr.Tehseen Iqbal
Dr.Abdul Rehman Khokhar
Dr.Siddique Akbar
Dr.Zobia Sharjeel
Dr.Aman Tariq
Dr.Bushra Khan
Anwar Aslam
Muhammad Zeshan
Akhtar Abbas
Ahsan Ali


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